Man who tried to breach FBI office killed after standoff

The Ohio Highway State Patrol says an armed man who tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati office was shot and killed by police after he fled the scene and engaged in an hourslong standoff. A law enforcement official said federal investigators are examining whether the man, identified as 42-year-old Ricky Shiffer, may have had ties to far-right extremist groups, including the Proud Boys. The official said Shiffer is believed to have been in Washington in the days leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and may have been present at the Capitol on the day of the attack. The official could not discuss details of the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Iranian operative charged in plot to murder John Bolton

The Justice Department says an Iranian operative has been charged in a plot to murder former Trump administration national security adviser John Bolton. Shahram Poursafi is identified by U.S. officials as a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. He's wanted by the FBI on charges related to the murder-for-hire plot, which the U.S. assumes was in retaliation for a U.S. airstrike that killed a popular and powerful general in Iran. In a statement Wednesday, Bolton thanked the FBI and Justice Department for their work. He said Iran's rulers are "liars, terrorists, and enemies of the United States.” Iran's foreign ministry spokesman disputed the allegations.

Iowa motorist accused of hitting abortion rights protester

An Iowa man faces two criminal charges accusing him of driving his vehicle through a group of abortion rights protestors in Cedar Rapids in June and striking a woman before driving away, court documents posted online Wednesday said. David Alan Huston, 53, of Swisher, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon — a vehicle — and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, according to the court documents. There is no evidence to indicate the crash was politically motivated, Black Hawk County Attorney Brian Williams said in a statement. He said there also is no evidence that any protestors acted aggressively.

Wisconsin woman in Slender Man attack drops release request

One of two Wisconsin women who were sent to a state mental health facility after a 2014 stabbing attack on a sixth-grade classmate that they claimed was to appease the horror character Slender Man has withdrawn her petition for release. In June, 20-year-old Morgan Geyser asked a Waukesha County judge to order her release as he did last year for her co-defendant, Anissa Weier. The judge appointed three doctors to evaluate Geyser’s mental state. After receiving one doctor’s report, Geyser and her attorney sent a letter to the judge Tuesday asking that the petition be withdrawn. Payton Leutner survived after suffering 19 stab wounds.

Afghan man charged in killing of 2 Muslims in Albuquerque

Police have announced a breakthrough in the killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A man from Afghanistan — himself a Muslim — was charged Tuesday with two of the slayings, and authorities identified him as a prime suspect in the other killings that put the entire community on edge. Muhammad Syed, who is 51, was taken into custody a day earlier after a traffic stop more than 100 miles away. Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina said it was not clear yet whether the deaths should be classified as hate crimes or serial killings. Police were still looking into possible motives, including an unspecified “interpersonal conflict.”

3 dead in shooting at Florida Narcotics Anonymous meeting

Police say a man went into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Florida and fatally shot his ex-girlfriend and her friend before turning the gun on himself. Edgewater police Chief Josephy Mahoney says Quinton Hunter brandished the gun shortly after entering the Monday night meeting, and that about 20 other people fled the room when the shooting started. He says Hunter killed Erica Hoffman and Ian Greenfield and then recorded a Facebook Live video before killing himself. The chief says Hunter had a violent criminal history. They don't yet know details of the relationship between the victims, but he says Hunter may have been motivated by jealousy.

Feds charge 4 police officers in fatal Breonna Taylor raid

The federal government has filed civil rights charges against four Louisville police officers over the drug raid that led to the death of Breonna Taylor. She was a Black woman whose fatal shooting in Kentucky helped fuel the racial justice protests that rocked the nation in 2020. Most of the charges stem from the faulty drug warrant used to search her home. The charges include unlawful conspiracy, use of force and obstruction of justice. Only one officer charged Thursday was on the scene the night of the killing. Taylor’s mother said she has waited years for police to be held accountable.