LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Health experts at Mayo Clinic say the end of the pandemic is approaching, but that doesn’t mean COVID-19 will go away permanently.  

Mayo Clinic Health System infectious disease specialist John O’Horo says COVID-19 is headed towards a flu-like trend.  

“I can’t tell you we’re actually in an endemic phase at this time,” O’Horo said. 

Instead, people can expect new variants of COVID-19. The variants may be mild, but can affect vulnerable communities such as those with medical conditions, weakened immune systems, and older in age. 

“Like the flu, there is a risk of having some seasons be worse than others depending on the type of variants that are circulating,” O’Horo said. 

People can also expect to see more COVID related shots. 

“Seeing a seasonal booster or a seasonal shot is likely,” O’Horo said. 

People should continue to practice COVID prevention measures.  

“This isn’t an end to a need for some of those precautions and vaccines,” O’Horo said.

Director of the La Crosse County Health Department Audra Martine says there is still a lot that is unknown about COVID. 

“This is science in action, and we continue to learn and when we learn something that is effective to take advantage of that and use it,” Martine said.

But she hopes COVID cases will continue to go down as the weather gets warmer.  

“Hoping as the numbers are lower, it’s easier to see things are ramping down a bit,” Martine said. 

Experts say as time goes on, more questions about COVID will be answered.

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