Concept drawings unveiled for newly renovated Riverside Park band shell

First look at bandshell plans

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Members of the community are getting a chance to give their thoughts on initial plans for a renovated Riverside Park band shell.

 An informational session at City Hall Tuesday afternoon gave those who use the existing band shell the most an opportunity to look at the preliminary drawings and share what they'd like to see added.

One of the most desired additions is a canopy over the top of the band shell to protect musicians and sound equipment, but that wasn't included in the initial plans.

That's because adding a canopy would require approval from the city's planning department over floodplain concerns and approval from the Heritage Preservation Commission.

"I think that would be the next step, is to find out if that's something they would allow us to do, and if they allow us to do it, in what context so we can put the designs together," said Terry Bauer from Moon Tunes.

City officials hope to get final plans for the band shell approved in time to start construction by September and finish the entire project by next June.

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