Community conversation focuses on ending homelessness in La Crosse

Conversation on ending homelessness

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The deadline to close tent city at Riverside North in La Crosse was less than a week ago.

However, Tuesday night city officials met with the public to talk about ending homelessness and where the city goes from here.

An expert on homelessness stated that it is possible for cities to put prevention programs in place to end homelessness.

And the spokesperson for the La Crosse Collaborative to End Homelessness said La Crosse has enough room in its shelters that no one should be homeless.      

"Many communities operate tent cities as a result of shelter overflow. We actually don't have shelter overflow happening here in this community. We have plenty of shelter space for people who want to come in. So anyone who is outside, even tonight, we have room and shelter for them if they want to come in," said Kim Cable.

One La Crosse man who used to be homeless a year ago even spoke about how the collaborative helped him get out of tent city.

"And today I have a license, I have a vehicle, I have insurance on the vehicle....(laughter)."

In the latest 100 day sprint to end chronic homelessness in La Crosse, the collaborative group has already housed seven people and has a goal of twenty.

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