Cold temperatures affect area businesses

Cold temperatures affect area businesses

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The weekend before Christmas is typically the busiest time of the year for area businesses, but brutally cold  temperatures this year are forcing more shoppers to stay home.

Valley View Mall in Onalaska is noticing a lot less traffic during this time of the year in comparison to last year.

With warmer weather in November and a sudden drop in December, temperatures quickly snowballed, leaving area businesses to notice a drop in sales.

"We are definitely noticing it, and our retailers feel it too, speaking to some of our retailers this morning, they're actually heading in to a day  already starting with a down number so trying to make up today for a whole week of the shopping experience," said Laurie Cafe, marketing director for Valley View Mall.

Some retailers have luckily found a way to make up for lost sales.

"We're getting more people that want to call in over the phone and do orders over the phone so they don't have to drive out which is totally fine, we can definitely accommodate that, so we find other ways to make up for that aspect of the business," said Michael Hansen, store manager of Buckle.

Depending on the store, cold weather can actually heat up some of the sales.

"For us it helps with our boot sales and it drives people in for the seasonal type of product," said Merle Bries, manager of Tradehome Shoes.

Cafe says although this year's weather put a freeze on sales, it' won't exactly determine what the rest of the season holds.

"Overall last year we were slightly up for the whole holiday season I can say that, and so we are hopeful that we are going to be that as well this year.

Mall representatives say they are anticipating traffic to pick up next week as temperatures will slightly rise.


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