Child poked by needle while sleeping in La Crosse motel

Child poked by needle while sleeping in La Crosse motel

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A child complained to his father about being poked by something while sleeping at the Adriatic Motel Saturday night.

According to a La Crosse Police report, the father located a needle under the covers of a bed at the Adriatic Motel, 3438 Mormon Coulee Road, La Crosse.

The child was taken to an area hospital.

Local Health officials are warning the public about the potential dangers of poorly disposed needles. 

"It's concerning to hear when someone receives a potential needle stick injury," said Jen Rombalski, director of the La Crosse County Health System. 

The La Crosse Police Department confirmed there was a needle under the covers of the bed which has local health experts on alert. 

"At a facility such as this we are thinking about not just the patrons and customers that may be there but also the employees that work at the facility," Rombalski said.  

She said her department inspects these places for any problems. 

"Our sanitarians are trained and they are really good at looking for potential hazards," Rombalski said. 

She said the state requires the department to inspect 10 percent of a facilities rooms. 

"That doesn't mean that's the only number that we use we often go above and beyond as needed," Rombalski said. 

The motel had an inspection done less that two months ago but had no critical violations. However, more inspections will be done as a result of the report. 

"We did send out one of our trained sanitarians and they will be talking with the facility to assure that the safety protocols are taking place as we expect," Rombalski said.  

Medical professionals at Gundersen Health System are reminding people about the dangers of exposed needles. 

If you are poked by accident with a needle it's best to seek medical help right away to prevent health risks like HIV and Hepatitis B and C. 

"We encourage you to be seen within  two hours," said Marilyn Michels, infection preventionist at Gundersen Health System. "Waiting and thinking about it for a few days. That's not smart. You want to report it sooner rather than later. I think we all need to be much more savvy as far as far as being alert for sharps not being discarded appropriately." 

Health experts said this was an isolated incident and this case is not a common occurrence. 

"If there was a serious safety concern or hazard, we do have the ability to close down businesses," Rombalski said. "We don't use that routinely, but we do have the ability to do that if we have to protect the public." 

Health experts say any needles that are found should be reported and disposed of in proper containers. As far as who the needle belongs to, La Crosse Police Officials say there are no suspects at this time. 

Officials at the Adriatic Motel declined to comment. 

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