Changes coming to street parking at UWL, Western campuses

Changes coming to street parking at UWL, Western campuses

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - For some college students at UWL, free is always the better option, so when they heard changes are coming to street parking, many weren't in favor. 

City of La Crosse officials are considering charging for on-street parking surrounding University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Western Technical College campuses.

La Crosse Police Department Assistant Chief Rob Abraham says the changes would push more students and staff to use under utilized parking ramps, among other benefits. 

"This will help alleviate some of the congestion in neighborhoods with commuter parking, provide that parking back to residents in that area." 

Areas on the street currently limited to free two-hour parking only, would change to pay to park zones.

People will be able to purchase up to four hours of parking for one dollar an hour, using the Passport Parking mobile app or calling 1-800-789-7593.

Abraham says the dollar amount per hour isn't finalized though and the first year will be a trial period only.

Students like Colton, say the changes aren't going to be entirely new, since lots and parking ramps also require fees. 

"If it's a couple of dollars at a time I'm usually there for like an hour or two."

Abraham says nonetheless, parking is a hot-button topic at many neighborhood meetings.

"The city needs to look at and evaluate relief for those neighborhoods."

Residents in those neighborhoods would get a parking pass if they choose to park their cars on the street. 

Details of the parking changes will be discussed further at a public works meeting next week. 

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