Central/Logan snowboarder proves the sport has no gender limits

Central/Logan snowboarder proves the...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Camille Blake got her first snowboard when she was nine years old. 

It wasn't always an easy hill to climb, but the more she practiced, the better she got. 

So good in fact, that she won all but one of the races she competed in this year.

And while her skill and dedication are what need to be celebrated most, Blake is one of only two females on the Central/Logan team of 13 boys. 

So when she watched U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim get the gold this week at the Olympics, it was a special moment on a both personal and competitive level. 

"It's really empowering because you know snowboarding is definitely a male sport."

It's true. There aren't many female snow boarders, but you'd be mistaken to think it would get in the way of Blake's performance. 

"Makes you work harder and want to get better."

She says age and experience are really the only thing putting a gap between girls' and boys' race times. 

She's keeping that in mind as she prepares for state competition on Saturday at Mount La Crosse. 

"Be out here everyday, running those courses, scoping out the courses in the competition, just mostly taking it easy but then again working harder to you know do my best at state."

Blake's mom, who manages at Mount La Crosse, is excited to cheer her daughter on. 

She says can already see a future where Blake is competing in the Olympics. 

"We watch her times and she's beating a lot of the boys and I can't help but be proud as a mom and of course as a woman too, knowing that we've had to break so many barriers in a lot of different places in the world and snowboard is one of those places where I'm watching my daughter kind of push those boundaries and you know making us really proud while she's doing it. 

Blake will be competing in a total of three different races on Saturday.

There will be 42 teams from around the state competing this weekend at Mount La Crosse, with a total of 15 snowboarding teams. 

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