Campbell Fire Department pushes for new pumper truck

Campbell Fire Department pushes for new pumper truck

CAMPBELL, Wis. (WKBT) - The town of Campbell Fire Department is asking the community to vote for a new truck.

On Saturday morning, firefighters invited the community to an open house. While attending the open house people were given the chance to meet with local firefighters, get hands-on experience with the current aging pumper truck, and enjoy educational material.

Campbell firefighters said a new truck is a necessity.

"The truck is worn out. We've kept it in service for a really long time. The national recommendation is for 20 years of life for a truck and we've used it for 36 years, so we've exceeded the service life. It's become unsafe, it's become unreliable, and we need a better piece of equipment to protect our town," said Campbell Fire Chief Nate Melby.

The referendum to vote for the new fire truck will be held on April 3.

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