Businesses see boost with warmer weather

Winter weather warmup

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - It was the perfect way to end the weekend, with temperatures in the low to mid 30's. Many local businesses were excited to see people out and about enjoying the weather, and business owners are banking on the great conditions outside to continue.

Around the time Mount La Crosse Ski and Snowboard planned on re-opening for the season, the weather was not cooperating. 

"We had some warm ups in early December, and then once it got cold, it got really cold," said Darcie Breidel, general manager of Mount La Crosse.

Even in those bitter temperatures, some loyal skiers and snowboarders like Elizabeth Tucker, 10, continued to hit the slopes.

"Like on New Year's, it was really cold. But we still went," Elizabeth said.  

But Breidel says most other people didn't want to venture outside. That was, until Sunday. 

"For the first time since we opened this season, there was actually a line of people at the ticket desk anxious to get out there," Breidel said.  

Jerry Gaper was taking his time out on the mountain and was trying to enjoy the rest of his winter break. 

"It's just really fun out here. Just get the skies on. Just shred," Gaper said.

In Onalaska, others were perhaps, a little more practical, hopping in line at the car wash instead. One of those people was Craigg Jones, who was in town visiting family. 

"We've had cold weather for about six days now in Minneapolis-- real stringent, cold weather," Jones said. 

He was happy to getting a bit of a break. 

"Matter of fact, I have my sandals on inside the car!" Jones said.

But on days when you can't wear sandals in Wisconsin, Elliot Mitbystrand says customers will keep coming to the car wash. 

"Even when it's cold, you'd be so surprised. People come through and get car washes all day and night," said Mitbystand, a line worker at Ship Shape Car Wash.  

It's something he's seen time and time again over the last three years that he's worked at the car wash. 

"It's been busier and busier every year. And every month it seems to be more busy than it was the last," Mitbystrand said.  

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