Bethany Lutheran Homes continues partnership with Inclusa

Bethany Lutheran Homes continues...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Dozens of area senior citizens will be able to stay in their homes after a deal is finalized between Bethany Lutheran Homes and long-term management company Inclusa.

66 seniors were in danger of having to find a new place to stay come March after Inclusa and Bethany Lutheran Homes were unable to come to an agreement about rates.

The two sides had a meeting last Monday before Inclusa decided to send out information letting residents know they could stay.

The two sides announced an agreement Tuesday on a new contract.

Residents say they're relieved they won't be forced to move out anytime soon.

"I'm just happy it's over. There are so many people that are so relaxed now. You know, it's just like moving into a new home. And we all get to stay, all 70 of us get to stay, and that's what we wanted," said Bethany Lutheran Homes resident Ruth Klinski.

Bethany Lutheran released the following statement:

“Meeting the healthcare needs of an aging population, while navigating through a complex system of different payment methodologies and continuously changing regulatory compliance measures, creates a unique set of challenges for everyone throughout the entire healthcare spectrum,” says Todd Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Bethany Lutheran Homes. “We are pleased that our contract with Inclusa will remain intact with a desire for our relationship to grow stronger as a result of our recent negotiations. Bethany Lutheran Homes remains committed to providing the care and services our residents and their families have come to expect and serving as an extension of their family when there is a need.”

The contract between Inclusa and Bethany Lutheran Homes supports Family Care, a long-term care program that offers support and services to senior with complex healthcare needs and adults with disabilities, according to a news release.

The continued collaboration will maintain continuity of care for members residing within Bethany Lutheran Homes and uphold a partnership established in the early 2000s.

“Our number one priority is to honor and support those we serve, followed closely by our partnership with the providers who uphold that support. Continued collaboration with Bethany Lutheran Homes allows us to maintain those priorities, and we are grateful for the opportunity to honor what it means to be home for the residents of Bethany Lutheran Homes,” said Mark Hilliker, CEO of Inclusa.

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