Baseball-size hail leaves damage

Trempealeau area hit hard by severe weather

TREMPEALEAU, Wis. (WKBT) - Many in the region are dealing with damage to their houses and cars after Thursday night's severe weather.

The Trempealeau area got hit badly, with some reporting baseball-size hail.

"I never thought in a million years it would come down like that,” Trempealeau resident Rick Thiesse said.

With all the hail in Trempealeau Thursday night, it didn't look like summer.

"It was winter in July,” Thiesse said. “It was kind of scary."

Thiesse shared pictures and videos of the storm on social media, and said the hail came down hard outside his home for 15 to 20 minutes.

"In my lifetime, I have never seen that bad of a hail storm,” he said.

Thiesse said homes in his neighborhood took a beating.

"We were all outside in bewilderment of what we saw,” he said. “We saw branches and leaves strewn throughout the neighborhood."

At the Catfish Days grounds in Trempealeau, Lions Club member Tim Scherr said the timing of the storm makes sense.

“It seems like every year we get a storm on Thursday night before Catfish Days to test tents and make sure everything holds up,” he said.

He rode out the storm in one of the tents.

"The poles were bouncing when the wind came through,” Scherr said. “It looked like a hurricane, but it didn't last long. If (the tent) can get through that, it can withstand the weekend."

He said while the Catfish Days tents took some minor damage, the worst of it can be found in other parts of the Trempealeau area.

"Down here we were picking up hailstones pretty close to the size of baseballs,” Scherr said.

Hail damaged siding, windshields and crops.

"I know the corn fields just north of town aren’t in very good shape,” Scherr said.

Thiesse says while his roof isn’t looking good, farmers and other neighbors have it worse.

"My next-door neighbor unfortunately just replaced his roof twice in the past two years. He's like, ‘Well, third time's the charm,’” he said. “It’s quite unbelievable, to say the least."

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