Bangor community joins state girls basketball team in Green Bay

Bangor community joins state girls basketball team in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WKBT) -- - The Bangor girls basketball team is making its second straight trip to state. Family, friends and community members left their small town to show how big small town support can be.

"We are a small school with big futures," said Bangor student Ridge Diehlmann. 

Paula Leonard said it's a dream for so many schools and their town gets the chance to come back another year. 

"It's been awesome just to get here," Leonard said. 

Leonard said she has waited a long time to see her daughter Haylee play on the WIAA's grand stage.

"This is is something my daughter has dreamed about since eighth grade," Leonard said. "She knew they were going to go to state and here they are."

Leonard's sister made the 1997 state team and now she gets to see another generation continue a winning culture.

"It's amazing," Leonard said.  

Students were mesmerized when they entered the arena. 
"It's huge, it's almost breath taking," Diehlmann said. "Walking out here, looking at it and seeing the girls out here play, it's amazing." 

However, Leonard said dreams require more than a simple wish on a star. 
"She puts all her heart into practice with all the rest of the girls," Leonard said. "They all deserve to be here." 

She said just about the whole town came out to show how much they respect everything this team has done. 
"I don't think there is a light on in our town back home," Leonard said. 

She said it's a small community where sports remind us about the quality of a community that makes a real difference. 

"Everybody's just like a family," Leonard said. 

Leonard said these girls have a bond that will last forever and a championship would be a bonus. 

"They have been working together and playing together since they were in fourth grade," Leonard said. "It would be the most amazing feeling and the best accomplishment." 

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