Area woman's invention aims to prevent children from dying in hot cars

Area woman's invention aims to...

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WKBT) - Eleven children died in hot cars in July alone, according to a Golden Gate Weather Services meteorologist who has tracked hot car deaths for the last 20 years.

This makes July the deadliest month  for these incidents in about a decade.

That's why one local woman is hoping to prevent any more children from dying in hot cars.

Amber Jowett of Black River Falls spent some time working for the Jackson county Sheriff's Department where she received many concerned phone calls about children being left in hot cars.

After reading several stories herself about children dying in hot cars, she decided to take matters into her own hands by designing a life-saving car seat for children and pets.

As a mother of two herself, she knows tragic incidents like this one shouldn't happen, but often do.

"There is room for marginal error, first time parent running on no sleep you go to go into the grocery store your child is asleep you forget to check the backseat."

Nearly two years ago, Jowett began sketching and designing the Child Save car seat, specifically to alert parents and law enforcement when a child has been left in a hot car.

"It displays pulse as well as temperature variables on it, so the pulse is through a sensor on the back of the clip placed right over the child's heart, now with that there is certain parameters that are set so if the heart rate exceeds a certain amount along with the temperature going above 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the vehicle , an alarm is sensored."

Once the alarm is sensored, it notifies the parents through an app on their phone and sets off an alarm on the car. The alarm cannot be turned off until the clip on the car seat is deactivated.

If it's not responded to within seven minutes, the nearest sheriff's department EMS agencies will be notified.

Jowett says once she sent out the idea to a patent company, it didn't take long to hear back.

"It was within four hours where they're like no, our boss wants to go forward with this."

Parents of young children find the idea necessary and say they'd buy the Child Save car seat if it started selling in stores.

"Well I think it would be a great idea for parents who totally out I mean god forbid I'd ever forget my son in a car seat like that on a hot day, it's common sense but people do forget," one parent said.

Jowett says we live in a tech savvy world, why not invent something that can help save lives.

"It's really a big epidemic out there to say hey you know there is something that can prevent this."

There have been more than 700 heatstroke fatalities of children since 1988.

Amber says if her idea becomes successful, she would like to sell the car seat for no more than $60, saying you can't put a price on a child's life.

To contact Amber and learn more, email her at

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