Area veterans receive special phone call

Area veterans receive special phone call

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Each year, area veterans who fought the toughest wars, get on a plane to Washington D.C. 

But before we get to where they're going, it's important to remember where they've been. 

From World War II, to Korea and Vietnam, it's hard to imagine what it's like to have fought in these wars. 

Which makes saying thank you, feel like an understatement. 

That's why the Freedom Honor Flight has been honoring veterans by flying them out to Washington D.C., to visit monuments built to recognize their service.

And if you talk to any of the volunteers callers, they'll tell you, letting veterans know over the phone that the wait for the trip is finally over, is anything but ordinary. 

"It takes a little bit to sink in and usually they're just super excited and they call their family members over to the phone or their wife over to the phone or their husband," said volunteer caller Kathy Przywojski.

She says the reactions are priceless. 

And while some get more emotional than others, it's the unfiltered personalities she enjoys the most. 

"Some of them are real jokesters you know if you ask them if they need oxygen, you know they say well I sure do, don't you?"

Freedom Honor Flight president Pat Stephens says it's that  phone call to let them know where they're going, is just one way to say thank you, for where they've been. 

"This is a great way for the community to turn around and say yep, you made the difference, it was really nice that you served your country, and we appreciate it, so it works out well."

There are three World War II veterans, 82 Korean War veterans, 466 Vietnam veterans and 65 others on the waiting list. 

Veterans are selected in order of application, with World War II and Korea veterans having priority status. 


The 21st Freedom Honor Flight will take off from La Crosse on May 12th.

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