Dog missing from Winona foster home found alive after 6 days in cold

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - Rocky the dog was found alive Friday night and is doing OK.


The Winona Area Humane Society (WAHS) is asking for the use of a drone to aid in locating a lost dog.

'Rocky' has been missing since December 30, 2017 when he broke free from his collar while at a foster home, according to a press release.

The dog was last seen over 30 hours ago, the release said.

WAHS is encouraging drone owners to search the area of Lake Boulevard, Garvin Heights, and Lake Winona, for Rocky.

The Dog Director at WAHS, Ashley Potter, encourages anyone who spots Rocky not to approach the dog, but to contact her immediately at 507-429-8445. "Rocky is very shy and timid, will not approach a stranger, instead of scaring him off, please let us know his location," Potter said.

Updates will be posted on the WAHS Facebook Page.


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