Anti-Abduction seminar prepares local kids for dangerous situations

Anti-Abduction seminar prepares local...

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) - Kids in the area are learning how to respond to dangerous situations.

Earlier this month WKBT reported on an attempted abduction in Holmen which left area residents concerned.

That's why the Iron Works Training Center in Holmen hosted a free anti-abduction seminar this weekend to teach kids in the area practical self-defense skills they can use in those types of situations.

On March 6th a man attempted to abduct an 11-year-old girl near Western Avenue and Mallard Drive in Holmen.

It was a rare situation for the community which inspired this seminar.

"I thought about it and I realized that we had a perfect curriculum that we could have and teach the kids in the community how to feel comfortable in their space," said Jon Froh, a Jiu-Jitsu instructor at Iron Works Training.

The seminar taught the kids about awareness and how to manage personal space.

It also gave them a lesson on what to do if someone grabs them.

"Some grip breaking strategies so they can wrestle free and run away and scream for help," Froh said.

Parents say this opportunity gives them more confidence knowing their kids are learning the proper strategies to escape when in danger.

"You know at home we try to tell them the right thing, try to tell them what to do but this just strengthens our position, strengthens the things that we're trying to teach our kids, giving them the skills to respond to situations they may be put into," said Dave Molling, a parent who attended the seminar with his kids.

"It's not about being paranoid or afraid, it's just being aware and knowing that you have these tools that'll help you be safe," Froh said.

Kids also learned verbal skills to help them deal with potential conflicts.

Coaches at Iron Works Training say there may be plans to hold more seminars like this one in the future.


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