An Overview of 5G as it potentially comes to Wisconsin

An Overview of 5G as it potentially comes to Wisconsin

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - It's the next generation.  

"I'm just excited to see what it's going to do," explained Nicki Veenendall, President of Mobile Life-Verizon. 

The State Senate and Assembly approved a bill making the process of bringing 5G networks, or the fifth generation, to Wisconsin easier. 

In the history of cell phone networks, there are five generations. The first allowed voice chat. The second established text messaging. The third brought internet access, and the fourth allowed fast streaming of movies and TV shows. 

But what does the fifth bring? 

"It's going to bring the ability of all the connected devices we have that are increasing exponentially to be used," added Veenendall. 
More people are on the internet now than ever before. The more internet devices that are on 4G network, slow it down. 

Phone technology is developing at an incredibly fast rate, and the networks themselves are struggling to keep up. So 4G much like 3 and 2 G is running out of space for all the users who are on it to have consistent service.

As internet is now used for items like cars, medical equipment, and appliances, the 5G network looks to be large enough for all those devices to be used without slowing down. 
"The garbage can can now tell the city it's full. We can tell the house when we're ready to come home and it can put the heat on or cool it down," said Veenendall. 

5G is also much faster than a 4g connection. 

"If you're on an airplane and you're like 'oh geez I forgot to download a movie from the time that they say turn your phone into airplane mode you can download two to three movies in that amount of time," said Veenendall.  

5G isn't in La Crosse yet.

"The Midwest usually isn't the first to get technology," elaborated Veenendall.  

With projected to come to Wisconsin, it's only a matter of time. 

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