American Airlines adds 4th flight to and from La Crosse

American Adds 4th Daily Flight

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Air travelers will soon have another option when flying out of La Crosse.

American Airlines is adding a fourth daily flight between La Crosse and Chicago.

The new schedule will have the additional 50-seat jet arriving from Chicago's O'Hare Airport at 12:58 in the afternoon and departing for Chicago again at 1:30.

La Crosse Regional Airport director Clinton Torp says the extra round of flights will help fill the gap they currently have in their schedule during the middle of the day and make connecting to other flights easier for passengers.

"It is a very big deal," said Torp. "Obviously, over the years we've seen decreases in capacity, so to see an increase is always a positive thing. And it's really a testament to the support of the community, keeping the flights full."

Torp says American Airlines' decision comes after the airport filled 90 percent of their available seats on last month's flights.

Torp adds that his hope is the expanded schedule convinces more people in the area to use the airport in La Crosse rather than driving to other airports.

The new flights will arrive in La Crosse starting on June 5th.

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