News 8 Eye Piece: Spring tours for future students

With spring finally here, people can expect to see more high school students visiting, colleges trying to decide which one is for them. Chief photographer Chuck Oedsma joined a tour lead by a Vanguard at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for Friday night’s Eyepiece.

“The goal for us as Vanguards is to make them feel at home here and to able to have them visualize what it would be like to be a student here,” said Hayden Cleary, a vanguard tour guide.

Vanguards are UWL students that represents the UWL student body during campus tours.

“We are volunteers. Yeah, a lot of students ask us that on campus. ‘Are you paid to be a Vanguard?’ And no, we are not. It’s definitely all volunteer, but with it being volunteer, you get 35 students that are very passionate about UWL. Because we’re not doing this for money. This is not an on campus job. So we just naturally just want to walk around campus backwards and talk about our school,” said Cleary.

“Everything that they showed us and told us about, it seems like a really, you know, ease. Not easy school, but like they’re there for you. They have everything kind of set up like a certain way so it’s easy on the students,” said Jake Riemer, a prospective student.

“Each Vanguard is definitely unique. If you give or follow different tours, each Vanguard has their own little, their own little thing. They’re all going to say their own stories or their own little niches about campus or their own little secrets, which is very cool,” said Cleary. “There are a few things that make each of us unique. I don’t know if other Vanguards, you know, mention the little bathrooms in Morris or how Wittich reminds us of Harry Potter. But a majority of us will mention unique things about campus to make our own tours unique to the students and the people that we have.”

“We are raving about our campus. We just talk about our personal experiences. So, it is actually a very true and honest sales pitch,” said Cleary.