News 8 Eye Piece: Ice Fishing

A beloved chilly pastime

Area lakes may be frozen over but that’s not stopping fishing enthusiasts from dropping a line.

News 8’s Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma is braving the cold out on Lake Onalaska in this week’s Eye Piece.

“So, I’m out here on the ice just about every day. Every day that I can anyway. It’s a way to relax, you know, get away from, you know, get away from every day stress and just get out and enjoy yourself. You know, get up, look at a nice sun, sunrise, sunset. Catch some good eating fish. And you know, a place after you get set, to get into, basically it is just a very nice relaxing day,” said ice fisherman Bill Sibly.

“Some days have been slow, other days have been mediocre, but, I haven’t run into any exceptional days yet. So, I’m still in the pursuance of that. Try to get enough fish fry for the Packer game. And I love a good fish fry,” said ice fisherman Don Hanson.

“Started out I’d go out with my uncle. And I would call and pester him every, every weekend to take me out. It’s a great past time and. People have been doing it for years, and they will continue to do it I guess,” said ice fisherman Brian Hanson.

If you want to head out to the lake to fish but don’t have a license now’s your chance to go. This weekend is Wisconsin’s Free Fishing Weekend.

Residents and non-residents without a license or trout stamp can fish in any river or lake in Wisconsin for free.