News 8 Eye Piece: Happy Instrument

Tune in to some happy tunes!

For five years, the sounds of ukuleles have sprung up throughout the area, thanks to the CheezLand Uke Band.

In this week’s Eye Piece, News 8 photographer Greg White shows us the fun and fellowship of ukelele playing.

“The ukulele is something, you can’t be mad and play the ukulele at the same time. It just has to bring a smile to your face, that’s just all there is to it,” said Ben Olson of the CheezLand Uke Band.

“It’s, it’s incredible. I mean we get a kick out of all of ‘em, you know? You got guys like these young guys that who were in there, you know and just pick it up. We’ve got, we’ve got kids that have grown up with us through the club,” said CheezLand Uke Band Club President Bill Trubilowicz.

“I just through it was a really cool instrument, and it was kind of different. I just try to get help from the people that have been doing it for a while and then I try to go back to help the people who’ve been doing it for not as long,” said Kenton Newman of the CheezLand Uke Band.

“It’s just one great big happy family. And it… we’re fun. Every Wednesday night, it’s just a great big family reunion, lets get together and play and sing,” said Olson.

“And we don’t pretend that we’re Paul McCartney, you know? We go up there, warts and all, play, and it’s just it’s infectious, and the crowd loves it and we love it,” said Trubilowicz.

The CheezLand Uke Band practices Wednesdays at the Moose Lodge in La Crosse, and the public is welcomed to join them.

They’ll also be performing on Saturday at the Cameron Street Farmers Market.