News 8 Eye Piece: Fry-day Fish

Some fishy sights and sounds

It’s a dining staple throughout our area, and with lent in full swing Fish Fries are big on Friday nights.

In this week’s eyepiece photographer Greg White takes us to St. Patrick’s in Onalaska for a closer look at a Friday tradition.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing for the parish.”

“Different people from the community, the La Crosse area, come up to enjoy the fish,” said Monsignor Steve Kachel, pastor at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Onalaska. “I think it’s a good outreach and a wonderful building event. I think everybody, between the workers, those who enjoy the fish, I think they all enjoy it all.”

St. Patrick’s runs their fish fry every Friday evening through the end of Lent.