News 8 Eye Piece: Floorball

A week from now, Tomah will play host to the largest tournament of its kind in the United States ever.

In this week’s News 8 Eye Piece, photographer Greg White introduces us to floorball.

“This is strenuous, means it’s healthy and it’s not very prone for accidents and it’s not expensive. You know, it’s kind of a hockey sport.” said Micheal Borg from the Tomah Floorball Club.

“In floorball, it’s very much a finesse game, a skill game.  Eye to hand coordination, quickness, speed, it’s a smaller rink, the rules governing stick play are pretty strictly enforced, so it becomes a skill game so you can develop your skills, athleticism.” said Tomah Floorball player Oak Moser.

“Roughly 50 years ago, there was a company called Cosom that invents the first plastic sticks.  After they made some developments, the developments were actually that they open up the blades on the sticks, so they can shoot a little bit faster, play a little bit faster,” said Borg.

Moser said, “the reality is you can make use of any gym space that you have. It can be wide open, you can play it to the extent you want.  Sticks have to be kept below the knees, you can’t play the ball above the knees.”

“In floorball, since it’s so big in Europe, it brings on so many international people playing it,” said Borg.

“We always enjoy playing the Minneapolis, Chicago… teams come from Wausau, Canada, New Jersey. I understand this year, maybe Colorado,” said Moser.

“If you are in Tomah or close to Tomah, come down to the high school and you’ll see something you’ve never seen before,” said Borg.

Twenty teams from around the country are anticipated to be in attendance. Action takes place all day Saturday, April 23rd at Tomah High School.