News 8 Eye Piece: Cake Walk

Say ‘I do' to something delicious!

It’s wedding season and many of you may be taking part in the marriage of friends and family this summer.

But, you may not realize just how much work goes into decorating the cake. In this week’s Eye Piece, Photographer John Schmidt visited a local bakery to give us an up-close look.

“A cake starts by the bakers and then it cools overnight. And then we come in the next day and we torte the cakes. Torting is where we take both of the layers that are eventually going to be one layer and we cut them both in half and then we trim the top off so that they are level.

“And then we will put a filling in there, it just adds a little. When you cut the cake and the pieces lay on their side it kind of looks nicer that way with the different layers of cake and frosting.

“Then we place them on the boards, starting with the largest, bottom tier first. And then we frost them. And then stack them, each tier on top of each other. So we would do the first one, then stack the next one and frost that, stack the next one and frost that.

“There are plates and then there are dowels so that it holds all the weight, because once the frosting is on it they are pretty heavy. Then we actually move it to just our wall back here, our little counter. This is where all the wedding cakes end up going.

“They just kind of sit here for a day til the next day and then that way they have the night to settle down. Because all that weight from adding the frosting onto it, they will settle a little bit and kind of sink down and then the next day I can come in and begin decorating them after they’ve settled.

“I really enjoy it, because every day there’s something different to do. You never really get the same exact thing, colors are different and ideas are different. And, you get to kind of be artistic and creative and usually the customers ask your advice, so we get to kind of give them our input on what we think is gonna look the best and they usually trust you with that,” said Cake Decorating Manager Mindy Krueck.

Mindy said the most wedding cakes she has made was eleven in one weekend. She average’s around eight every weekend during the summer.