News 8 certified ‘StormReady’ by National Weather Service

News 8 is proud to announce we’ve been certified as “StormReady” by the National Weather Service.

What is StormReady?

StormReady is a program developed by the National Weather Service to help businesses and communities across the country prepare for severe weather emergencies. To qualify as StormReady, each business or community must go through an application process overseen by a local StormReady advisory board and must meet several requirements.

Some of these requirements include establishing a 24 hour warning point or emergency operations center, having redundant communications systems to receive and send out severe weather information, having the ability to monitor local weather information, and promoting the importance of public readiness through community engagement.

News 8 is proud to receive the designation of being a StormReady organization. We want to share what we know about storm readiness with you. So, over the next few weeks and months, we’ll post new information about how you and your family can prepare for Mother Nature’s worst, whether it be summer thunderstorms, winter storms, flooding, or other hazards. Scroll down for more information and visit