New Year’s Eve safety: What to know

According to statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, January 1st is the second deadliest day of the year, following July 4th.

Car-related crashes made up more than 100 deaths in January from 2010 to 2014 and 62 percent of those were related to alcohol.

However cab drivers are reminding people there are ways to make sure they get home safely after celebrating the start of a new year.

Manager of Coulee Region Taxi Mike Brown started his cab driving business in May, after he noticed a high demand of cabs and not enough services.

“We just felt by getting more cabs out there we get more people home safely and it’s worked out pretty well,” Brown said.

He said on a typical weekend about 30 people use the taxi service and he anticipates that number will double on New Year’s Eve.

“We take a lot of the longer rides from Holmen and West Salem and stuff like that so it takes that cab out of service for an hour or two to do a long ride like that, but we feel that’s the rides that were neglected before, we take them because that’s that much less the person will be on the road.”

Sue Redenbaugh, owner of Bee Cab and Craig’s Towing in La Crosse, says each year she sees the result of poor decisions.

“People getting killed and the accidents and all that just because they don’t want to wait for a cab and it’s just not worth it because it ruins your whole life,” she said.

But Brown said offering one of the most important services on one of the biggest nights of the year is nothing short of rewarding.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve done and my drivers I tell them all, you don’t leave until that person is inside of the house.”

Coulee Region Taxi offers free cab rides to those who are at places which have a Tavern League membership.

Cab drivers recommend calling an hour or two ahead to ensure a ride as New Year’s Eve will be a busy night.