New Year’s babies born in La Crosse

Along with the new year comes La Crosse’s New Year babies.

The first, Kalei Ryan Johnson, was born at Mayo Clinic Health System at 6:49 Monday morning.

The 8 pound 13.5 ounce baby boy was born a day before his expected date after about 10hours of labor. He’s named after his father and a friend the couple lost last year.

Gundersen Health System saw its first baby of the New Year at 7:23 Monday morning. The yet-to-be-named baby boy was born after 17 hours of labor.

While the seven pound baby boy was born a couple days early it’s nothing this couple wasn’t used to.

“The due date was actually the 3rd. So we’re 2 days early, but all of our kids have come weeks early so this felt not so early. It’s pretty special,” said Jen Branes.

Mayo Clinic Health System only delivered 1 New Year’s baby as of noon. Gundersen Health System delivered 2, with a set of twins on the way.