New workout routine helps Senior Casey Schultz land offer to North Dakota

CALEDONIA, Wis. (WKBT)–The Minnesota high school football season is officially underway, and Caledonia football can resume its current 68-game winning streak in just a few weeks.

The Warriors never kept their eyes off the fall schedule throughout the pandemic, practicing and training through the summer.

And some players, like senior Casey Schultz used the downtime the pandemic offered to get bigger, and it translated into a Division 1 offer at North Dakota.

“I was doing three workouts during distance learning, and a bunch of college started contacting me then. My first offer was during basketball season and it just all picked up then,” said the Senior.

“He did exactly what we think he should be doing. He took that time and bettered him self. He didn’t sit in his basement and played video game, we went out and ate better drank better, hit the weight room harder. He was just really intelligent about it and made himself a better football player,” said Coach Carl Fruechte.