New Wis. holiday could mean more savings for shoppers

Wisconsin lawmakers are are considering a tax holiday that would allow consumers to have two weekends each year to purchase certain products and get them without sales tax, but not everyone thinks it’s a great idea.

The tax holiday being considered is supported by big businesses like Walmart and Apple. The holiday would remove sales tax on back-to-school items, computers, and energy star products. The compaines think it would boost sales, but not everyone agrees.

“I think the biggest downside is it’s just a little complicated,” John Robinson, Assistant Professor of Business at Viterbo University, said. He says that even though big name retailers are proposing the idea, small businesses will feel more change.

“The fact that it turns all the way off helps some but it’s still an added complexity for the retailers,” Robinson said.


It may not only be an added issue for retailers. It could also be confusing to customers.

“I think that is going to be confusing to both the consumer and it is going to be very difficult for the retailer who is selling the product,” Dan Wettstein, owner of Wettstein’s said.

What is a solution for the confusion?

“They should just have it across the board,” Wettstein said.

So even though it may be confusing there are benefits.

“Well you get this affect where maybe you get a bump in sales on the weekend, you kind of generate some excitement around the sales tax holiday,” Robinson said. “We may pull people in from other states to come shop in Wisconsin. And the hopeful idea is that you generate a sales above and beyond what you would have since the tax will be gone.”