New Walker ad attacks Burke on land deal

Ad accuses Burke of wasting $12.5 million in taypayer dollars

Another ad is out in the race for Wisconsin’s governor.

Governor Scott Walker is accusing democratic challenger Mary Burke of wasting 12.5 million dollars in taxpayer money on a development that has yet to create any jobs.

It references a community block grant from 2006 to purchase property in Kenosha county for an Illinois based drug company.

But that company has yet to build anything on that land.

“It’s one of those where it’s $12.5M that she authorized through the department of commerce when she worked for Jim Doyle. They paid a premium for that much higher than what people at the time said the land was worth and today we still don’t have a development there,” said. Gov. Walker.

His challenger, Mary Burke, says the 400 acres of land is part of the drug company’s long term plan to expand its campus into Wisconsin. 

“This was an incredible opportunity to have a fortune 500 company here, thousands of jobs, you don’t get that opportunity here very often. It is long term and certainly the deal we struck has provisions that protects the taxpayer in case those jobs don’t move forward,” said Burke.

Burke will continue a bus tour she’s on with a stop Wednesday at Deep Roots Farm in La Crosse.