New study: children have to much access to violent media

Young children especially susceptible

According to a new study children have too much access to violent media.

The study released from the American Academy of Pediatrics last week says parents need to be more involved and aware of their kids’ media use.

The AAP calls for a national study on the topic. The group urges pediatricians to ask about a child’s media diet and policy makers to write-up legislation limiting the access to violent media.

One Gundersen Health System therapist says younger children are especially susceptible.

“Kids don’t learn anything, like social interactions, compassion and empathy, they don’t learn about emotions from a screen. They learn it from face-to-face contact, and when you’ve got too much screen time they lose out on that opportunity to learn those important life skills,” said Gundersen Health System Childhood Family Therapist Jeff Reiland.

The AAP’s study says large exposure to violent media can not only desensitize children to violence; it can also make children more fearful and anxious.