New ownership for Bridgeview Plaza begins at gateway of La Crosse

Struggling shopping center site has high potential after $5.25 million sale city leaders say
Bridgeview Plaza

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Bridgeview Plaza on La Crosse’s northside is a step closer to bringing new business opportunities to the city. The site has new owners.

Interstate 90 exit three is a first impression for thousands of people who choose to make La Crosse their stop.

“You think of all the people that are coming in town from the interstate from Minnesota,” said Andrea Richmond, La Crosse city council member for District 1.

Bridgeview Plaza has been doing business since the 1970s. It’s no longer business as usual. Big box stores are closing at rates that give statisticians headaches.

Therefore most of the Bridgeview Plaza site sits quietly while thousands of potential custumers drive by. Tuesday, La Crosse City officials confirmed a transaction of more than $5 million made by local developer Three Amigos and other investors that make up the company Eagle Bay Properties.

They are ones who purchased the old adjacent Burger King a while back. Richmond said the site is now a tax incremental finance district. That is a tool governments use to stimulate economic development in a targeted geographical area.

“That is gonna help with the development,” she said.

These things take time. Shopko had to close more than a year ago already. But these new business owners are hoping to bring business life back to this site.

“We definitely need that,” Richmond said. “I look forward to working with the developers as well.”

City officials could not confirm what will be built in the coming years. City planning officials said they, “have talked to them about ideas for redevelopment of that site, citing the Highway 53 Corridor Plan’s vision for additional housing and continued commercial (development).”

Richmond said leaving this business district untouched would be like leaving a Ferrari in the garage.

“This is the place we need to make it happen,” Richmond said.

The city has updated Badger Hickey Park right behind Bridgeview plaza. Richmond said the city has put more than $400,000 into the park.

The project is another effort to upgrade the city’s northside. News 8 Now did try to contact the developers and they didn’t want to comment at this time.