New option available this year for flu shot

LA CROSSE, Wis.–  There’s a new option when it comes to getting flu shots this season, but it might not be widely available in the La Crosse area.

Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare is expecting to get 100 doses of the Intradermal flu vaccine.  It’s a new type of shot that uses a smaller needle and is injected under the skin instead of in the muscle.

“It’s a place that your body senses that there’s something foreign and it makes antibodies and fights that infection off very, very well. It’s a very robust reaction,” says Dr. C.J. Menagh from Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare.

The new vaccine is available on a limited basis and is only being given to select people at this time.  Other forms of the flu shot include a nasal mist, the regular flu shot and a high dose vaccine for patients 65 years and older.