New luxury apartments coming to downtown La Crosse

Landmark by the Rivers a new mixed use, luxury apartment building is coming to downtown La Crosse.

If you’ve ever been to Oktoberfest, or Riverside Park, you’ve probably driven right by the red brick building on Second Street a number of times.

This was the original building for the La Crosse Plow Company.

The building’s owners say they never thought it would be an apartment building, until now.

Kristine Cleary the building’s co-owner, said “We didn’t envision residential at all as a piece.”

Cleary thought the building would be a perfect location for apartments.

“You’re downtown, (there’s) restaurants, you can listen to Moon Tunes, you can hear the music from Oktoberfest,” Cleary said.

Unfortunately, with the buildings complex layout she thought it would be impossible to pull off.

“In the beginning we thought ‘oh gosh how are we going to configure this,'” Cleary said.

With beams, walls and challenges at every turn, there was no way to make a unified layout of the apartments.

“It takes time and process when you’re working with an older building, it takes a little bit more care,” Cleary said.

But what they first thought was a weakness, turned out to be the building’s greatest strength.

“Now when people look at the space they’re thinking that’s the greatest thing,” Cleary said.

Out of the 64 units in the building almost all of them have a unique layout.

Sandra Cleary, Kristine’s sister and co-owner in the building said, “The neat thing about this building is it’s not cookie cutter. It’s not going to be the same room after room that you see in other apartment buildings.”

And even though it was a challenge the Cleary sisters think they’ve pulled it off

“It’s scary. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done, but ‘m thinking this will be something to be proud of.” Sandra Cleary said.

“It really means a lot. It has been a really underutilized area of downtown La Crosse for a number of years and we’re excited to have it revitalized,” Kristine Cleary said.

In addition to the apartments there will be a bunch of amenities like a gym, business center, covered parking, roof top bar, even a pet washing station.

The apartments should be move in ready in July and by September there should also be several businesses occupying the commercial space on the first floor.

Apartments start at $1,250 a month.

If you’re interested in getting a tour go to

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