New La Crosse County emergency management coordinator ready to embrace role

Kevin Rindy had big shoes to fill when he became La Crosse’s new emergency management coordinator.

“Every season is a new challenge, so we’re always trying to be prepared for the next step, next thing,” Rindy said.

He took over for former emergency coordinator Keith Butler, who had more than 30 years of experience.

But Rindy is a veteran himself.

“I’m originally from the Madison area,” Rindy said. “But then I’ve been out in Colorado the last 27 years working in emergency services and local government.”

He understands how unpredictable Wisconsin can be.

“Everything,” Rindy said. “You name it. We’re not immune to anything. Wisconsin’s not immune to anything.”

Whether that would be a fire. snowstorm or flood.

“A lot of emergency planning for the county, do a lot of hazardous materials planning,” Rindy said.

He will not be working alone.

“The chief deputy and others within the sheriff’s department can give him guidance, make connections, and help build relationships,” La Crosse County coordinator Steve O’Malley said.

He is prepared whenever disaster strikes.

“I can’t wait to go through all the four seasons and just so I get a better lay of the land,” Rindy said.

Rindy says communication is the key.

“It’s all collaboration, and figuring out what the best route is for the community,” Rindy said.

Because he wants to always make sure the community is safe.

“I’m really big into preparedness,” Rindy said. “I think you should be prepared for anything, for yourself, your family, your business, and your organization.”

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