New HPV Vaccine guidelines call for two shots for kids under 15

Shots should be 6 months apart

Cancer Centers around the country are calling for parents and pediatricians to get more children vaccinated for HPV.

CDC guidelines now recommend girls and boys 11 to 12 years old receive two doses of the HPV vaccine at least six months apart. This is a change from the previously recommended three-shot series.

Doctors believe it could help prevent tens of thousands of cancer cases each year. Local health care providers say the vaccines have great benefits for people.

“It helps prevent cervical cancer in women and cancers in both men and women as they get older. So we strongly recommend it as a cancer prevention vaccination for our patients,” said Gundersen Health System Pediatrician Steven Manson.

The CDC recommends adolescents and young adults older than 14 continue to get three doses of the HPV Vaccine.