New high-end condo project proposed on Barron Island moves forward

The La Crosse City Council approved a new development on the pike, between La Crosse and La Crescent, across from Pettibone Park.

It’s the site of the former Holiday Inn.

Developers from Water Place One want to turn the property into a residential site with 26 new high-end condos.

According to Water Place One, the site could increase the tax value of the area by 7 to 9 million dollars.

“This place has not generated tax income for probably 20 years now,” says Phillip Addis, the attorney for Water Place One. “So it’s nice to see this going forward. It’ll be a great development for the city. You heard the city talk about the $400,000 to $600,000 homes, and high-value homes. All of these are high-level homes going on the site, which will be nothing but good for the tax base of the city of La Crosse.”

Construction could begin as early as this fall.