New health recommendations for women with breast cancer

Steppin’ Out in Pink in La Crosse is just a few days away, and new health recommendations are showing breast cancer research is changing.

According to a release by the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) more women should undergo risk assessment, genetic counseling, or genetic testing for breast cancer genes that increase the risk for certain cancers.

Previously it was only recommended for women to be tested for the BRCA genes who have a family history of the mutation. Now the task force is recommending women who have been previously diagnosed with breast, ovarian or tubal cancer, and have completed treatment, should be tested for genetic mutations after a risk assessment.

Becky Pabst, a Genetic Counselor with Gundersen Health System says this is an important message for not only women, but primary care providers.

“It’s important because it will change how we screen and manage those women. So, even if they’ve had a past history of breast cancer, if they are found to carry a gene mutation, they may be at an increased risk for a second breast cancer – if they still have remaining breast tissue, and their ovaries may be at risk of developing cancer also,” says Pabst.

Steppin’ Out in Pink takes place this Saturday, Sept. 7. ​​​​If you’d like to register, or find out more information about the event click here.

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