New food delivery service has the potential to change La Crosse restaurant scene

There’s a new food delivery service in La Crosse.

Bite Squad is officially launching in La Crosse Friday.

The delivery company lets people order food by app or online from 16 area restaurants.

Bite Squad is in more than 150 cities in 20 states and so far many La Crosse restaurants say the service has potential.

Stephen Patterson a manager at Fayze’s restaurant said, “We do get a lot of orders so it is really doing its job. It’s been progressively getting busy. More and more orders coming in.”

Fayze’s just started using Bite Squad a few weeks ago but it is already getting around 10 to 20 orders from it a day.

“We still get people calling in for their own takeouts but this seems like a lot more have been coming through the service of the Bite Squad,” Patterson said.

The restaurant also has seen its total number of takeout orders increase.

“I’d say maybe 10 to 12 percent,” Patterson said.

Patterson sees the most potential for the service during winter.

“Personally, I feel during the winter it will be a great thing. Because a lot of people especially older folks,,,don’t like to get out in the winter time,” Patterson said.

Peggy Dornack, a waitress at La Crosse Family Restaurant, also sees potential for the app

“I’d probably say if someone was disabled, couldn’t drive or didn’t have access you know to the bus line to come and get their food,” Dornack said.

She said the app has made it easier for her and the other wait staff to take to-go orders.

“It’s easier for us to do it than to run to the phone and get the to-go orders because then we jusy put it in and then they’re here within 10 to 15 minutes,” Dornack said.

Bite Squad says its initial launch in La Crosse has been a success.

Lance Schmeckpeper the Lead Driver for Bite Squad in La Crosse said, “Just in our soft opening we’ve had over 300 orders the first week so it’s been very popular.”

Patterson believes the service will benefit both customers and restaurants.

“Having a restaurant that doesn’t normally deliver have a delivery service I think is huge,” Patterson said.

And even though many restaurant owners are happy with the service so far.

The owner of the La Crosse Family Restaurant tells us he’s a little apprehensive.

He didn’t want to speak on camera but said Bite Squad takes 25 percent from each order, which he said may be hard to justify paying that much.

On the plus side, the restaurant can have fewer staffers, and save on other costs like not having to do dishes.

But if those savings aren’t enough the La Crosse Family R estaurant may have to charge more for delivery or even opt out of Bite Squad altogether.

If you would like to try Bite Squad you can go to

It charges between $2.99 and $4.99 a delivery.

It also is having a promotion where if you order this weekend you get free delivery for a year.

Just know that if you do that, next year you will be automatically re-enrolled and charged unless you cancel.

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