New details on decomposed body found in motel

TOMAH, Wis. — The Tomah Police Department has released new details about the decomposed body found in a Tomah motel, including why the manager said no one had entered that room for more than two years.

By the time Kurt Lieburn’s family reported him missing to police back in March of 2011, it’s possible he’d already been dead for more than a year.

His son Spencer Lieburn said his father struggled with alcoholism and it had been years since they heard from him.

“Nobody really cared before, but now my phone won’t stop ringing, and I can’t stop getting letters and condolences. And I can’t help but wonder if some of these people would’ve cared a little bit more when he needed help, maybe this wouldn’t be happening,” said Spencer Lieburn.


Spencer’s wife told police she’d seen her father-in-law’s truck at Park Motel.

Police then interviewed the motel’s manager who said she had not seen Kurt Lieburn since December of 2009.

She said he’d stayed there on and off for years. Sometimes he would disappear for months at a time and leave his truck in their parking lot.

She also claimed he owed the motel $300.

Fast forward to earlier this month, Feb. 3, when the manager said she entered the room for the first time in more than two years to do some maintenance and found a badly decomposed body on the bed.

She told police she hadn’t been renting that room because it has plumbing issues and a door that jams.

“I’m not necessarily investigating the practices of motel managers and owners. I’m trying to investigate a death. So, is that a factor? It may be. I don’t know,” said Tomah Police Detective Robert Walensky.

News 8 has made several attempts to contact the motel manager, but she has refused to comment.

Spencer Lieburn said he doesn’t buy the manager’s claim that his father wasn’t supposed to be there.

“He’d paid for his way to be there. He was supposed to be there. I just don’t know how he could have been there for two years without anybody knowing. Even if management didn’t know, I think they should have known,” he said.

The motel manager told police Kurt Lieburn had a key to the room when he allegedly left in December 2009 and they had an agreement that, if he came back, he could use the room and then let them know about it.

Police said the motel is not facing any charges at this time.

Items found in the motel room, such as personal identification, medicine bottles and clothing led police to believe the body was Kurt Lieburn’s. That was later confirmed by the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s office.

They are still waiting for autopsy results.

Anyone with information on this investigation is encouraged to contact Walensky at 608-374-7410.