CDC offers new guidance about COVID-19 spread

Ventilation highlighted by new guidance

UNDATED (WKBT) – There is new guidance from the CDC about how COVID-19 can spread.

The guidance on the CDC’s website specifically says the virus “may be able to infect people who are farther than six feet away,” especially “within enclosed spaces that had inadequate ventilation,”

And if someone is “breathing heavily while singing or exercising.”

An infection specialist with Mayo Clinic says the new guidance builds on what was learned earlier in the pandemic.

“For most day-to-day activities, a regular mask will still work fine. The biggest take away from this has to do with ventilation as opposed to the masking,” said Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist Dr. John O’Horo.

According to O’Horo, older ventilation systems could put people at greater risk of getting COVID-19.