New book helps kids and adults

The book is expected to be available in about two weeks

HOLMEN, Wis (WKBT) – A new book is being released soon that will help children and adults cope with the struggles of the pandemic.

An author gave a live reading of her new book, “Who’s on your circle”.

It is technically a children’s book, but the coping mechanisms and advice can be useful to everyone.

But it is more critical than ever for healing to take place through relationships with each other kids and adults alike.

Today, the author held an outside physically distanced reading to give people a taste of the book.

Many families, teachers, and communities are looking for new socially active ideas that go beyond virtual activities.

“Really the pandemic just opened up the conversation that we’re all having big feelings. And what should we do about it, and how do we meet each other’s needs. And sometimes how do we even know to pick up on if someone is having feelings if they’re not talking about them,” said author and Clinical Therapist, Nicole Milliren.

The book is expected to be available in about two weeks.