New Beer Unveiled for Oktoberfest

La Crosse’s City Brewery is producing a limited edition beer for the third year in a row.

The brewery has once again partnered up with Oktoberfest and Pabst Brewery.

This year, City Brewing Company is combining international and domestic ingredients to create a new beer just right for the season.

Gregory Deuhs, the master brewer at Pabst Brewing Company, says this year’s beer is one of a kind.

“Well, this year’s recipe was completely rebuilt from last year,” Deuhs said.

Deuhs worked on the new beer for almost a year.

“We started late last fall so right after the last Oktoberfest,” Deuhs said.

“This year, we used nearly all Wisconsin-made malts. “It is made with imported German hops so it is very traditional as far as beer goes,” Deuhs said.

The brewery teamed up with Briess Malting in Chilton, Wisconsin.

“Briess Malting made us a very special malt for us that we used that gives the beer a nice copper orange color as well as that deep malt flavor and crispness that we’re looking for,” Deuhs said.

The 2017 Oktoberfest Fest Master Brian Rude said he’s excited for the new beer.

“I just think it’s wonderful to have a locally brewed product like this that will be showcasing Oktoberfest,” Rude said.

Rude said it’s great that several local companies get involved with Oktoberfest.

“The other benefit is of course we have several other local brewers that participate and their products are available at our fest grounds,” Rude said.

Last year, City Brewery may have been too successful for their own good.

“We ran out of beer downtown during Oktoberfest,” Deuhs said.

So they’re taking precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

“We’ve allocated some beer, it’s in cold storage just for the week of Oktoberfest and we’re going to definitely try not to run out of beer,” Deuhs said.