Neighborhood Family Clinic expands to Vernon County

Cost of routine visit: $39

An affordable health care clinic is expanding in our area.

The Neighborhood Family Clinic on La Crosse’s north side provides affordable health care for those underinsured and others still without health insurance.

In the last few months, the clinic has expanded, hoping to bring that message to parts of Vernon County.

According to Coulee Cap’s 2015 “Face of Poverty” report, more than 29,000 people in Crawford, Monroe and Vernon counties live in poverty.

Chiropractor Kris Erlandson has been treating patients in the Viroqua area for nearly 20 years. Throughout that time, he’s heard of a growing problem in his community.

“I would hear stories of not having insurance; I would hear stories of $5,000 deductibles, $10,000 deductibles,” said Erlandson.

Over the last several years, Erlandson has tried to find a partner to collaborate in affordable health care with his chiropractic business. Last fall, he came in contact with Dr. Ted Thompson of the Neighborhood Family Clinic in La Crosse.

“He told me some of her personal philosophy and his patient care philosophy, and basically at that time, I said, ‘Dr. Ted, you’re the guy I’ve been looking for,'”said Erlandson.

That connection led to the launching of the Neighborhood Family Clinic in Viroqua this year.

“You name it: monitoring diabetes, hypertension, heart problems. We deal with depression, anxiety, you name it,” said Dr. Jeffrey Menn. “The gambit of primary care is really what we do.”

The cost for a visit is only $39.

“It’s been over and over again, I’ve been hearing people thank God that this clinic is here,” said Erlandson.

Doctors at the clinic say quick, affordable care is becoming more common throughout the country.

“There are docs that are doing this,” said Menn. “It’s a cash clinic; $39. Less than two $20 bills and it’s a good value for your money.”

It’s a type of care they hope becomes more common in the area.

“If it helps anybody to not worry about the burden of the financial cost to get a medical opinion, it rocks, it’s really what it’s all about,” said Erlandson.

“If we find one problem that was ignored because a patient couldn’t get in for a visit to have a problem diagnosed, it’s successful,” said Menn.

In total there is one doctor and one nurse practitioner currently working at the Viroqua clinic.

The clinic is open Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m.-10 a.m., and Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

It is located at 1316 Bad Axe Court, Suite A in Viroqua.

In addition to the Viroqua location, the Neighborhood Family Clinic also has locations in Sparta and Winona, as well as its main office in La Crosse.