Nearly two-thirds of Tomah establishments fail compliance checks

11 of 17 establishments in Tomah violated alcohol guidelines

11 of 17 establishments checked in Tomah’s latest round of alcohol compliance checks failed.

The latest failures were for a mix of things, such as not ID’ing people or serving minors.

“Our society cannot handle having underage drinkers in the community. It’s for their safety,” said Tomah Mayor Shannon Hough.

Tomah Police Chief Mark Nicholson says there has been a terrible turnaround since last summer when there was 100-percent compliance.

“There was no specific location. It wasn’t pointing to the bars. It wasn’t pointing towards the restaurants. It was just an overall compliance check failure that we had,” said Chief Nicholson.

The businesses that did not pass will be checked again during the summer compliance checks. Any place that fails three times in a five-year span can have their license revoked by the Tomah City Council.