National ‘Love Your Melon’ day celebrated in a special way at local elementary school

Classmates and college students come together to help a boy with cancer

Our community is coming together to help a boy in need.

Elliot Heller is a student at Southern Bluffs Elementary in La Crosse.

He was recently diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of soft tissue cancer.

In a show of support Elliot’s friends and football teammates shaved their heads.

Today Viterbo University’s chapter of ‘Love Your Melon’ went to Southern Bluffs to give a hat to Elliot and his friends to keep their heads warm during the winter.

They also took on Elliot and his friends in a game of football during recess.

‘Love Your Melon’ is a national campaign that hopes to give a hat to every child fighting cancer across the country.