National Healthcare Decisions Day – a time to document end of life decisions

While advance care planning seems difficult, the alternative leaves family members struggling to make the decision for you

Today is national healthcare decisions day… which is a time for you to think about and make a plan your advanced directive, which is your end-of-life decisions.

That means you need to document your wishes before you are in a health crisis, so your decisions are carried out.
Completing an advanced directive removes the burden from your loved ones.

“If you have document in place and you’ve had a discussion with your family. They are able to speak for you and know what you want.

But it also helps them not to have to make difficult decisions in a crisis without having the full knowledge of what you would wish,” says Dr. Hilary Bingol, who specializes in hospice and palliative medicine at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse.

Find the documents you need now, complete them, and put them where they are easily accessible.
Make sure you talk to your loved ones about your wishes and tell them where your documents are.
And encourage your family members to do the same.