N8I: Principal responds to allegations he assaulted, threatened students

An area principal, who could have his license revoked for allegedly assaulting and threatening students, filed a response to the allegations. Bluff View Intermediate School Principal Aaron Amundson has been under investigation by the Department of Public Instruction.

Amundson has been reprimanded by the Prairie Du Chien School District and has been under investigation by the DPI in the past. Some of those instances were detailed in his personnel file. All of those allegations required disciplinary action, including unpaid leave and/or additional training.

But the new investigation from the state agency is revealing new allegations of misconduct. Through his attorney, Amundson is disputing most of the claims made against him, even though he previously admitted to some of those in court.

Malina Piontek, the attorney representing Bluff View Intermediate School Principal Aaron Amundson, has submitted this response to the DPI’s probable cause and intent to revoke notice.

The first count involves a 2018 court case where Amundson was found not guilty of child abuse involving a student. While he admits to using a spray cleaner on a student’s hand, he denies using a scouring pad on the child. These were key points in the criminal matter.

Count two accuses him of providing false information on a 2016 Professional Educator license application. It claims he said he was never disciplined for alleged misconduct in a licensed profession or disciplined in a school position for alleged “immoral conduct.” These issues are in Amundson’s personnel file- and he admits to signing one disciplinary letter. But in the latest response, he denies that these cases constituted misconduct or immoral conduct.

Count three accuses Amundson of assaulting a football player while he served as a coach. He denies grabbing the player by the facemask and pulling it down forcefully.

Count four accuses him of putting his hands around a student athlete’s neck and forcing him to stand up. This allegedly happened while he served as a wrestling coach during the 1999 to 2000 school year. He denies the claims.

Count five involves an incident detailed in his personnel file when he allegedly threatened students during a field trip involving 3rd to 8th-grade students. He is denying these allegations.

Count six accuses Amundson and a teacher of carrying a male student down the hallway by the arms and legs. He is claiming to have insufficient knowledge of the allegation and denies all parts.

Count seven accuses him of dragging a special education student down a hallway. Count eight alleges he threw the same child over his shoulder and carried her to an office. These were detailed in a previous investigation by the Department of Public Instruction. He again denied having sufficient knowledge of the allegations, denies all parts of count seven and most of the details of count eight.

The final count alleges he bullied, harassed or degraded students over multiple years. He admits to calling student “idiots” in 2015 but denies being placed on leave for the incident. He also denies yelling at a student until the child began to cry, among other instances where he swore at students or called them derogatory names.

As part of the response to the DPI’s notice, Amundson’s attorney says some of the counts do not constitute grounds for revocation or should be dismissed. News 8 contacted both Aaron Amundson and his attorney for comment about the appeal. Neither of them returned those requests.

The date for Amundson’s hearing has not yet been set. The Division of Hearings and Appeals said a hearing date will be set in late April.

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