‘Mysteries of the Driftless’ red carpet event in La Crosse

Award-winning documentary about the driftless region showcased

What better way to celebrate an award-winning documentary about our area than with a red carpet event right here in La Crosse?

Filmmakers of ‘Mysteries of the Driftless’ rolled out the red carpet Wednesday night at the Weber Center downtown. The film won a regional Emmy earlier this month.

The documentary, which is co-produced by Mississippi Valley Conservancy and Untamed Science, explores the beauty of the driftless area. And on Wednesday night the public got a chance to see what all the buzz is about.

“This is just incredible, It’s really just an amazing night, we’re so thrilled to have received this award for the film and we’re thrilled that people in this area, in the driftless region get to see their landscape, their region show cased through this film,” said Mysteries of the Driftless Executive Producer Tim Jacobson.

News 8’s morning anchor Jennifer Livingston, also an Emmy award-winner, was the emcee of the event.